Ausbildung / Education

See where I spend my time for study and collected early knowledge for my professional life.

Donau Universität Krems

2016 - 2018


"General Management Competences", MBA,

at the Donau University Krems.

Strategisches Management

strategic management

Marketing I

marketing I


corporate financing


human resource management

Unternehmensanalyse und Controlling

business analysis & controlling

Mergers & Acquisitions

mergers & acquisitons

Business Planning

busniness planning

Marketing II

marketing II


projekt management




The degree was not completed

HTBLA Hallstatt





  • Designing and Planning of furniture and interiors
  • Constructing components
  • Draw on CAD workstations
  • Technology of woodworking machines, materials and their processing
  • Secure associating and distinguishing different epochs
  • Data processing and computer science


  • acquiring basic skills for independent operation of a master operation
  • Operational optimization and specialization
  • Project and promote management
  • costing and cost accounting
  • Financial Indicators
  • Quality Management


  • rhetoric, language, communication, appearance, presentation and sale
  • behavior at the customer
  • Educational and methodological foundations for leadership and training

id´ institute consulting gmbH



NLP training with Yvonne van Dyck are on international state-and stand for ethical use!

Yvonne van Dyck is active in international seminars of Richard Bandler (father of NLP) and wrote some of his books forewords. In NLP Practitioner you fine tune your transport for ideas and learn to use your core potential. NLP is freedom through awareness through communication with themselves and with others.